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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Review of the Annie Duke Poker Tutor iPhone App

The world knows Annie Duke as the most famous female poker player in the world with the help of her media presence and of course for her very strong play as a world class poker player. The UltimateBet pro's newest endeavor is her very own iPhone app, called the Annie Duke Poker Tutor and is a very convenient and surprisingly sleek piece of free software.

Features of the Annie Duke Poker Tutor

To start with, the Annie Duke Poker Tutor has a Tip of the Day feature to spread Annie's thoughts and suggestions about how to play good poker. If you wish to have a new tip everyday all you have to do is submit an email address, but you do have the option to not receive email updates once it's given. This is a relief for those who hate getting a thousand newsletter updates a day.

Next is a very simple and easy to use Texas Hold'em odds calculator that will help players figure out pot odds given your cards, flop, turn, or river. All you have to do is select the cards in question and tap calculate. The odds calculator is very fast, so if you can tap fast enough you should be able to quickly find out your pot odds even when playing online. There is an expanded odds calculator for an additional cost of $0.99 that is based on the same simple design as the basic, but allows users to enter up to 10 different hold cards to simulate play at the tables rather than just heads up pots.

One very handy feature for those brand new to online poker is a Hold'em Glossary that is filled with Texas Hold'em terms that every player should know. From rake to variance and "the button", the basics and not-so basics of poker is laid out in the helpful glossary.

Annie Duke App Freerolls and News

If having a free and portable poker tutor wasn't enough of an incentive to download the Annie Duke app, there are monthly freerolls on UltimateBet just for those who have downloaded the Annie Duke Poker Tutor app. These freerolls are, well free of course, but you also get a chance to play against Annie Duke herself, who also has a bounty on her head. So anyone who knocks her out of the freeroll gets a nice added cash prize. Who doesn't love a good freeroll?

The app also lets users know what is going on in Annie's professional life. What tournaments she is participating in, what causes she personally backs, and when they are all happening.

Overall Opinions of the Annie Duke App

Given that this poker tutor is completely free to download, has an already great odds calculator, and a inexpensive extended odds calculator at just $0.99 it's hard not to love the Annie Duke Poker Tutor app. With simplicity and great design, the poker tutor should be on every new poker player's iPhone. Bravo to Ms. Duke for putting this out there.
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