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Sunday, 26 September 2010


So I decided to add a forum to the blog, would love to know what you guys and gals think.
Its very basic at the moment, but I hope some of you will join and hopefull we can exchange some poker experiences and more.
So here is the link - Freepokernuts forum

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Poker in the Park 2010

Poker in the Park 2010

20,000 eager visitors made Poker in the Park 2009 a big fixture on the poker calendar. Now, as it enters its fourth year Poker in the Park 2010 promises to be bigger and better than ever, with more marquees, more lectures and activities, and, most important of all, more live poker. Poker in the Park IV kicks off on 2nd September at 4pm, with model and poker champion Liv Boeree cutting the ribbon at the official opening. It's completely free, so come along and join in the fun!

More info -

Free Bankrolls -

Friday, 27 August 2010

Online Poker banned in South Africa

A high court in the state of North Gauteng, South Africa has in a sentence come to t

he conclusion that all types of online games with money involved are forbidden.
The decision will take affect immediately all over South Africa. The new law means, for example, that's is no longer
possible for anyone in South Africa to play poker or organize poker tournaments online.

People who break against the new law will get huge fines and also risk time behind bars. The max penalty, however, is a R10 million fine and up to 10 years in jail, or both.

Please write your personal thoughts on the ban of online gambling in South Africa. We are also interested to hear from people who live in countries (Thailand, USA, Dubai, Japan etc) where it's not allowed to play for money online.

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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Poker player spitts in dealers face

Mesbah Khaffaji got so angry after losing a hand in poker that he spat in the dealers face. Now, he's arrested for assault.

It all occurred at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles a while ago. Mesbah Khaffaji was eating at the poker table while playing No Limit Texas Holdem against some other people. After losing a hand where lots of money was up for grabs, he got so frustrated and angry that he couldn't control his feelings and spitted out some of his food - straight in the dealers face.

The casino's security guards intervened straight away and handed over Mesbah Khaffaji to the police. He was arrested, suspected on reasonable grounds, for assault but was released shortly after, in the wait for court proceedings, when he paid the bail of $20,000

In the state of California it's enough to touch another person (in an aggressive situation) for it to be classified as assault. However, it doesn't seem to be all that common that people spit a dealer in the face.

"Is it common? No. But it happens sometimes!

Yes, some people can't control themselves when losing big amounts of money", said Brendan Kirkpatrik from Bell Gardens police department to Los Angeles Times.
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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Gus Hansen lost all his money? - asked Cole South for a loan

The danish poker pro Gus Hansen has been running extremely bad in the past couple of years. In the beginning of this year, however, he started off in the best possible way by winning a few hundred thousands and it almost seemed like he was going on a winnin

g streak and would take back some of the money he lost.

But it didn't take long before he started losing huge amounts again. And now it almost seem like 2010 will be his worst year ever as he has been on the top 5 list of the weekly losers many, many times this year. Not a very good sign even when it comes to some of the world's richest and best high stakes players.

According to a Swedish poker magazine, Gus Hansen has lost 8.4 million dollars during his online career and he's the biggest loser ever in the history of online poker. But they also write that the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, has lost 20 million dollars on different poker accounts. However, these figures can't be confirmed.

Gus lost his entire bankroll at Full Tilt and asked for a loan

When Gus Hansen played at Full Tilt's nosebleed tables last Sunday, he once again ended up losing big. This time Gus Hansen lost $3701,913 (most of it from playing Pot Limit Omaha) and suddenly his account was totally empty. But even though he had lost so much and had no money left, he still wanted to play more and asked high stakes pro Cole South (picture) for a loan.

"Cole, can you send me some money? You'll get them back on Tuesday" said Gus Hansen in the poker chat at Full Tilt Poker.

Cole South rejected Gus' request straight away.

"Sorry, I wish I could. I know that you're good for it, but I have lend out a lot of money this summer and I still haven't got it back."

Gus Hansen, however, didn't seem to be angry at all at Cole South for not lending him money, he almost seemed to be thankful.

"No problem. Probably it's just good for me"

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

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All you need to do is visit the site, download the software and open an account.

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Review of the Annie Duke Poker Tutor iPhone App

The world knows Annie Duke as the most famous female poker player in the world with the help of her media presence and of course for her very strong play as a world class poker player. The UltimateBet pro's newest endeavor is her very own iPhone app, called the Annie Duke Poker Tutor and is a very convenient and surprisingly sleek piece of free software.

Features of the Annie Duke Poker Tutor

To start with, the Annie Duke Poker Tutor has a Tip of the Day feature to spread Annie's thoughts and suggestions about how to play good poker. If you wish to have a new tip everyday all you have to do is submit an email address, but you do have the option to not receive email updates once it's given. This is a relief for those who hate getting a thousand newsletter updates a day.

Next is a very simple and easy to use Texas Hold'em odds calculator that will help players figure out pot odds given your cards, flop, turn, or river. All you have to do is select the cards in question and tap calculate. The odds calculator is very fast, so if you can tap fast enough you should be able to quickly find out your pot odds even when playing online. There is an expanded odds calculator for an additional cost of $0.99 that is based on the same simple design as the basic, but allows users to enter up to 10 different hold cards to simulate play at the tables rather than just heads up pots.

One very handy feature for those brand new to online poker is a Hold'em Glossary that is filled with Texas Hold'em terms that every player should know. From rake to variance and "the button", the basics and not-so basics of poker is laid out in the helpful glossary.

Annie Duke App Freerolls and News

If having a free and portable poker tutor wasn't enough of an incentive to download the Annie Duke app, there are monthly freerolls on UltimateBet just for those who have downloaded the Annie Duke Poker Tutor app. These freerolls are, well free of course, but you also get a chance to play against Annie Duke herself, who also has a bounty on her head. So anyone who knocks her out of the freeroll gets a nice added cash prize. Who doesn't love a good freeroll?

The app also lets users know what is going on in Annie's professional life. What tournaments she is participating in, what causes she personally backs, and when they are all happening.

Overall Opinions of the Annie Duke App

Given that this poker tutor is completely free to download, has an already great odds calculator, and a inexpensive extended odds calculator at just $0.99 it's hard not to love the Annie Duke Poker Tutor app. With simplicity and great design, the poker tutor should be on every new poker player's iPhone. Bravo to Ms. Duke for putting this out there.
Sorce - pokerspace

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Icecold Deck, Insane poker hand [Almost Unbelievable]

Official - poker now a mind sport.

In a landmark announcement for poker around the world, the International Mind sport Association officially recognized Poker as a mind sport, a game of skill, on a par with chess and bridge.

Speaking from Dubai,where the decision has been taken at the annual congress of the International Mind Sports Association, International Federation of Poker president Anthony Holden welcomed “a major milestone in our campaign to have poker accepted throughout the world as a game of strategic skill.

It comes exactly a year to the day that the International Federation of Poker was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland on 29 April 2009 with the primary objective of having poker officially accepted as a ‘Mind Sport’.

“Over time, this should help to free poker from much governmental interference and other such unnecessary restrictions all over the globe,” said Holden. “Equally exciting, poker will now form part of IMSA’s World Mind Sports Games, due to be held in the UK in 2012 alongside the London Olympics."

The announcement came after a busy year spent working towards membership of IMSA. A presentation to delegates yesterday at the IMSA general meeting in Dubai. After firther deliberations behind closed doors IMSA President Jose Damiani emerged to announce the acceptance of IFP as a member.

As well as poker, IMSA is also formed by federations of chess, bridge, draughts and Go who are also members of SportAccord, the global organization with some 150 member Sports Federations.

Anthony HoldenAnthony Holden
The meetings in Dubai attended by IFP delegates were part of the SportAccord Congress and International Convention. The next step fo the IFP is to secure membership of SportAccord to maintain its IMSA status.

Holden will be attending the SportAccord Congress on Thursday as an observer where they will lodge a formal application for membership, something the IFP hopes to secure at SportAccord’s next annual meeting in London in 2011.

Speaking in Dubai, Holden said:

“Now it has secured IMSA membership, poker is officially designated a mind sport and IFP is eligible to become a member of SportAccord,” said Holden. “This will involve satisfying all the requirements to obtain formal membership at their 2011 Congress in London."

“Above all, we need to have a minimum of 40 member federations from at least three continents. We have already achieved more than 50 per cent of that target and, boosted by today’s decision, we anticipate little difficulty in meeting this and the other requirements over the coming 12 months."

“I know the whole poker world will now come behind our efforts, not least because it means that poker will be played in the World Mind Sports Games due to take place in the UK alongside the 2012 London Olympics.”

Doyle Brunson, poker’s elder statesman, and a member of IFP’s Advisory Board, warmly welcomed the news.

“The IFP deserves our thanks and congratulations," said Brunson. "I believe that history will show this was a key moment for poker. All over the world the game has been faced with governmental controls and other obstacles. Yet it is obvious it calls for qualities and skills that go far beyond a capacity just to take a chance.”

IMSA President Jose Damiani said:

“I am delighted to welcome the International Federation of Poker into membership of IMSA," said Damiani. "Poker’s participation alongside bridge, chess and other mind sports in the annual IMSA events will demonstrate to the world that poker is indeed a mind-sport of strategic skill.”

Next year IFP will be launching poker’s first annual world championships, both team and individual, as well as participation in regular IMSA events.

Monday, 26 April 2010

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Monday, 5 April 2010


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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Poker reads..

Reads, OK now just to make things clear reads are not instinct, you make good reads by information you have gained during a game, or from previous games.
Its so important and IMO a art to making good notes for a quick read, and important for your bankroll!
Make Notes on an information that you think will become useful.
No point in making notes such as raises with Q Q late, but if you catch him cold calling from a raise then that's good info.
Knowing pre-flop action of a player should help a lot such as if you know a player players any A, then you get to milk (value bet*see my value bet post if unsure what it is) him with a strong A or wit PP (providing no A flops) and if it does you know to fold.
Post flop notes are IMO more important than Pre, more hands will e won here, so you need to know how far a player will play if he misses, betting patterns (and this can take a while) so be taking notes every hand.
So, as I said earlyer its important to take good short quick notes...
So lets start,

1st split hands to ranks..
SH Strong = set,2 pair, over pair,str8 flushes etc
MSH Medium / strong = top pair etc
WH weak = mid or bottom pair
SD strong draws = speaks for itself
WD weak draws = gut shots etc
B bluffs = well its a bluff.

Now board texture, why, well because the texture will change the way a player players, notes on how he will play different textures with different hands will become very valuable indeed. Be placing his bet sizes/style/position and lots of other things you think will help, such as can he fol PP etc...ill make a list off stuff to note later.

DB dry board
SDB st8 draws
FB flush draws

Be aware normally only bad or noobs stick to the same pattern, the regs will mix it up a bit more on you.
As your making these notes, you tend to take some of in and find patterns and might use thm less or delete stuff for areavations on pattern and then add mor on more hands.

To back up your notes id advise looking over HH on that player whist out of a hand.
Some abbreviations for the donks.
LCD light calls plays on with bad hands such as bottom pair or high card
DNB Never bluff a total donk, he cant fold, so theres no point.
CHD chases draws
DB Double barrel, villain oftern folds to a DB but rare to fold pre-flop
TPTK top pair top kicker you might consider putting him all in as he will play with a lot worse
SVB strong value bet man this guy cant fold high card is good enougth for him!

Make your notes readable (unlike my posts) so that you understand it give it structure such as Stack, hand, position, pre-flop , board, flop-bet, turn-bet, river bet.

Stack sizes abbreviations

Short Stack(SS)
Full Stack(FS)
Deep Stack (DS)
Big blind (BB) X?

Some quick abbreviations for easy notes

3b=3 bet
AI=all in

Im sure you will make up many many more, but make sure you do it in a way you understand.

Now it sames a lot of notes to take, but trust me im just giving the very basics here, you will learn more as you sart using notes, finding easy ways to note and a lot more variations for boards/style/aggression etc etc..

OK the list of things to note...wish id not have started now.
Changed my mind, can think of too much, so ill let some users post what the believe we should make notes on, put in format of Does he...
Such as ... Does he often defend his blinds? Does he min-bet draws? etc

And if people respond you will see why I'm not doing it.

GL all hope it is of some help.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

MTTs (Muti Table Tournaments)

Befor the game.
Make sure you have time, to make the final table your looking at 3hrs+.
Make it worth your while, playing for 4hrs to win 4$ might not be worth the effort.
Be sure you want to play to win, not just play.
Know that it is unlikely to win, but have a great chance of cashing in.

Early stages.

Rely on card strength and position(TAG), be patient and dont try to chase the chip leader.
Dont bluff, dont worry about run away leaders,Start taking notes,aNd be patient again.

Mid game

Play tight, dont get too involved with the panic players pushing all in, these are just the donks who managed to survive or ppl who no longer want to play.
Dont be put of by big stacks but be aware of there position(and small) chances are they were just a lucky or loose player dont give them too much credit.
After the the donks have had there fun open up a bit:
3 bet
stael blinds
If short stack, dont get blinded, find a spot to steal(pre-flop)

Late stage

Loosern your card range, Play the high cards stronger, try avoid flops.
If short stacked then push with nearly any 2 cards(only if the dubble wont make much of a diffrence in stack size/blinds)
if you can hold out and give yourself a chance do so.
If big stack or medium then dont play with maginall hands, only play hands you are willing go all in with.
Follow up pre flop raises with a c-bet
add pressure

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Understanding AK

First understand your odds(use a calculator if needed), if HU against PP(wich is normally the case when someone goes allin pre-flop) then its a flip, with you being the slight underdog.(50-50)

Lots of ppl lose with AK cause they play it wrong (in short) Ace king is a powerful hand if played right during pre-flop action. If you play AK properly you won’t even seen the flop, you should raise, re-raise the proper amount (accrding to blinds/pot/player/position etc).

You should always pay attention to your opponents chip stacks to know how much to raise. If your opponent raised before you bet you should re-raise just enough to where they will fold, not where they will call. You don’t want to raise too the point you cant fold. There is no shame in folding AK.


1. Your goal is to get them to fold (as always)
2. Don’t call all-ins with AK (push by all means,depending, not advised)
3. Raise enough to get them to fold
4. Dont over raise
5. Pay attention to opponents stacks
6. Folding AK is ok

AK allows you to bet aggressively and take down large preflop pots.

This is a guide, a very short guide as we all know poker is not clean cut so choices will be made according to the tables and games themselvs.

All feel free to add or correct if you feel its wrong.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Short Stack Stratagy

Choose a table with at least 7-8 players best 10. (go for 2 tables as you are going to fold a lot)
1 Avoid tables with a lot of raising/re-raising going on. 2 Buy-in for 20x BB [so for NL10 ($0.05/$0.10) it’s $2.
3 Wait for the big blind to come around to you or immediately start. playing if you are on one of the 2 late positions.
4 Play only good hands relative to your position – AKx, (AQs maybe) and monsters (AA/KK/QQ) in early position, add JJ,TT,99,KQs to the list for middle position, add 88,77, A+face card, A+rag suited, suited connectors for your late position playables. Create your own list and stick to it.
5 Raise accordingly, you will never enter a pot without your guns blazing unless you are in the small blind and the pot odds for calling are really good or you get to see a free flop from the big blind. Proper raising means 4x BB raises + 1x BB for each limper if you are opening the pot. If there was a raise/re-raise, either re-raise 3-4x the last raise/re-raise + 1x the last raise/re-raise per caller or go directly all-in.
6 Know when you are beat, do not be afraid to lay down AK if you miss with it and there are more than 2 people playing for the pot. Make continuation bets against tight opponents. Conti-bets should be around 50-66% of the current pot.
7 Always keep your stack at 20x BB if it falls bellow this level, Stand up and play somewhere else when you have 35x BB or more leave.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Cracking Aces!!

First things first, if your gonna do, then make it worth while.
1. Make sure player will keep going with his AA.
2. He has min 100BB and you too have min of 100BB
3. A hand that will get you the money.
4. A good read (know he has AA).
So to start you going to want to get in cheap or fold.
You will want a hidden hand, but a hand that can hit a big.
3h 3s on a flop 7c 3d 10h
4d 6d on a flop 3d 5h 7d...etc think 78s has best odds against AA
Stay clear of 10s Js Ks Qs hands, they will only get you in to trouble.
If you dont hit on the flop,the fold (2 pair min), dont go chasing dreams.
You will be folding most of the time, but around 10% you should hit and must make it all worth your while. All in baby.(choose how you get the chips in acourding to the villian)
If you hit a open ended straight or flush draw, then you can play on but again you got to keep that pot low and when and if you hit max it.

Now when you crack them aces come back here and shout about it.

I guess I should add this is for cash games, and if I have to mention position then please just dont try.
Ill go over positional play anouther day.

Also when you do crack AA, post your brag here.......

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Semi-bluffs should be in all of our poker tool boxes.

A semi-bluff bet are made when you think you are behind, but you belive you can make the villan fold the better hand and have still have good chances at hitting a out if villian is to call.

If you go ahead and play a semi-bluff then you should do so raising givingg you a chance to take it there and then.(fold equity, key to the whole thing)
Always play it on the flop so if you are called you got outs still, you can play on the turn etc but its much more effectiv on the flop as you still have 2 cards to come.

Dont bother bluffing calling staions and donks etc, go for those who can fold.

Semi-bluffs can be made in and out of position.
in position gives you have the option of betting and taking a free card.
out of position, you will check instead of semi-bluffing more often when in position.(most semi-bluffs are out of position) so have an advatage.

Semi bluff with hands such as flush draws and open endes str8s.

Remember..Can villan fold.
Can your hand improve.
Also dont forget if you hit your outs then play for value...enjoy.
Oh word of warning it can blow up in your face :}

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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bankroll management

Bankroll management is a must for any player, without it you will be playing with "scared money" and will be at great risk of losing your whole roll.
At times you will have good runs and bad runs(varience), you need bankroll managment to take the bad with the good varying profits and losses.
No matter how good a player you deem yourself to be varience will strike, but with good bankroll managment you wont go bust.

Here is a guide for full ring tables:

NL5 $<200
NL5 $200
NL10 $400
NL50 $1,000
NL100 $2,000
NL200 $4,000
NL400 $8,000
NL1k $16,000
NL2K $40,000
NL5k $100,000
NL10k $200,000

Limit Holdem
5c/10c $30
10c/20c $60
25c/50c $150
$0.50/$1 $300
$1/$2 $600
$2/$4 $1,200
$5/$10 $3,000
$10/$20 $6,000
$25/$50 $15,000
$50/$100 $30,000

SnG Tournaments
$1 $50
$2 $90
$5 $200
$10 $450
$20 $900
$30 $1,300
$50 $2,500
$100 $4,500
$200 $9,000
$500 $22,000

Tournament games.
40+ buy ins for the level you want to play is what most recomend, I would say dubble it, as tourns have a lot af varience, so 80+BIs IMO.
NOTE: If you play shorthand you will be involved in more hands increasing variance so you should also increase BI amount.

Good luck at the felt.
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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Playing pocket pairs

Pocket pairs can be a good sorce of profit when played right, so heres a little guide on how you should be playing them.

Big pocket pairs:
Most online players are aggresive and loose so tend to call any pre-flop bet, so a raise of 3-4BB is neede and should be enougth to get rid of the loose player trying to hit str8s and weak flushs. If your lucky and you hand becomes stronger then check and hope the villians did too. (some players will limp with AA, not advisable but in the right hands a gold mine)

Mid pocket pairs:
You should be acting accourding to your table, as in dont play the ultra tight players raise with 77 etc. If in EP feel free to get in cheap if possable(some tables it will be an instant fold). In mid/LP you should be mainly be raising, players will put you on a steal, if flop comes big your folding (not always) if low your raising, (1 over card is fine).

low pocket pairs:
I tend to just fold, but again if you can get in cheap do so, then its either fold or if it makess set then check and be sneekey.

Hitting your set:
2 things you must watch out for is str8 draws (or made) and flushes.
Checking your set will make other players think that you have missed the flop. When they raise, you should just call.(Just calling is amateur play, but it does not give away any information on what you hold).Continue to call his bets until the river unless it is obvious that they are on a draw, If that is the case make a large raise(at least pot). If you hit the nuts on the river then make a value bet. Getting value out of your bets is important. To big a bet will scare the villian away so it is important to make a bet that will be called(or better re-raised).

AA KK QQ JJ TT = Play in any position
99 88 77 = Play in mid or late
66 55 44 33 22 = Play in late

Again poker is never simple and this guide is, so alway keep your witts about you, and know when to get out of a hand.
GL all.

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