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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Cracking Aces!!

First things first, if your gonna do, then make it worth while.
1. Make sure player will keep going with his AA.
2. He has min 100BB and you too have min of 100BB
3. A hand that will get you the money.
4. A good read (know he has AA).
So to start you going to want to get in cheap or fold.
You will want a hidden hand, but a hand that can hit a big.
3h 3s on a flop 7c 3d 10h
4d 6d on a flop 3d 5h 7d...etc think 78s has best odds against AA
Stay clear of 10s Js Ks Qs hands, they will only get you in to trouble.
If you dont hit on the flop,the fold (2 pair min), dont go chasing dreams.
You will be folding most of the time, but around 10% you should hit and must make it all worth your while. All in baby.(choose how you get the chips in acourding to the villian)
If you hit a open ended straight or flush draw, then you can play on but again you got to keep that pot low and when and if you hit max it.

Now when you crack them aces come back here and shout about it.

I guess I should add this is for cash games, and if I have to mention position then please just dont try.
Ill go over positional play anouther day.

Also when you do crack AA, post your brag here.......

1 comment:

  1. "Dont go chasing dreams" lol, that was great :)

    Last time I cracked aces was at a home game, I flopped a flush :)