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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Understanding AK

First understand your odds(use a calculator if needed), if HU against PP(wich is normally the case when someone goes allin pre-flop) then its a flip, with you being the slight underdog.(50-50)

Lots of ppl lose with AK cause they play it wrong (in short) Ace king is a powerful hand if played right during pre-flop action. If you play AK properly you won’t even seen the flop, you should raise, re-raise the proper amount (accrding to blinds/pot/player/position etc).

You should always pay attention to your opponents chip stacks to know how much to raise. If your opponent raised before you bet you should re-raise just enough to where they will fold, not where they will call. You don’t want to raise too the point you cant fold. There is no shame in folding AK.


1. Your goal is to get them to fold (as always)
2. Don’t call all-ins with AK (push by all means,depending, not advised)
3. Raise enough to get them to fold
4. Dont over raise
5. Pay attention to opponents stacks
6. Folding AK is ok

AK allows you to bet aggressively and take down large preflop pots.

This is a guide, a very short guide as we all know poker is not clean cut so choices will be made according to the tables and games themselvs.

All feel free to add or correct if you feel its wrong.

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