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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Short Stack Stratagy

Choose a table with at least 7-8 players best 10. (go for 2 tables as you are going to fold a lot)
1 Avoid tables with a lot of raising/re-raising going on. 2 Buy-in for 20x BB [so for NL10 ($0.05/$0.10) it’s $2.
3 Wait for the big blind to come around to you or immediately start. playing if you are on one of the 2 late positions.
4 Play only good hands relative to your position – AKx, (AQs maybe) and monsters (AA/KK/QQ) in early position, add JJ,TT,99,KQs to the list for middle position, add 88,77, A+face card, A+rag suited, suited connectors for your late position playables. Create your own list and stick to it.
5 Raise accordingly, you will never enter a pot without your guns blazing unless you are in the small blind and the pot odds for calling are really good or you get to see a free flop from the big blind. Proper raising means 4x BB raises + 1x BB for each limper if you are opening the pot. If there was a raise/re-raise, either re-raise 3-4x the last raise/re-raise + 1x the last raise/re-raise per caller or go directly all-in.
6 Know when you are beat, do not be afraid to lay down AK if you miss with it and there are more than 2 people playing for the pot. Make continuation bets against tight opponents. Conti-bets should be around 50-66% of the current pot.
7 Always keep your stack at 20x BB if it falls bellow this level, Stand up and play somewhere else when you have 35x BB or more leave.

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