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Saturday, 16 January 2010


Semi-bluffs should be in all of our poker tool boxes.

A semi-bluff bet are made when you think you are behind, but you belive you can make the villan fold the better hand and have still have good chances at hitting a out if villian is to call.

If you go ahead and play a semi-bluff then you should do so raising givingg you a chance to take it there and then.(fold equity, key to the whole thing)
Always play it on the flop so if you are called you got outs still, you can play on the turn etc but its much more effectiv on the flop as you still have 2 cards to come.

Dont bother bluffing calling staions and donks etc, go for those who can fold.

Semi-bluffs can be made in and out of position.
in position gives you have the option of betting and taking a free card.
out of position, you will check instead of semi-bluffing more often when in position.(most semi-bluffs are out of position) so have an advatage.

Semi bluff with hands such as flush draws and open endes str8s.

Remember..Can villan fold.
Can your hand improve.
Also dont forget if you hit your outs then play for value...enjoy.
Oh word of warning it can blow up in your face :}

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