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Thursday, 21 January 2010

MTTs (Muti Table Tournaments)

Befor the game.
Make sure you have time, to make the final table your looking at 3hrs+.
Make it worth your while, playing for 4hrs to win 4$ might not be worth the effort.
Be sure you want to play to win, not just play.
Know that it is unlikely to win, but have a great chance of cashing in.

Early stages.

Rely on card strength and position(TAG), be patient and dont try to chase the chip leader.
Dont bluff, dont worry about run away leaders,Start taking notes,aNd be patient again.

Mid game

Play tight, dont get too involved with the panic players pushing all in, these are just the donks who managed to survive or ppl who no longer want to play.
Dont be put of by big stacks but be aware of there position(and small) chances are they were just a lucky or loose player dont give them too much credit.
After the the donks have had there fun open up a bit:
3 bet
stael blinds
If short stack, dont get blinded, find a spot to steal(pre-flop)

Late stage

Loosern your card range, Play the high cards stronger, try avoid flops.
If short stacked then push with nearly any 2 cards(only if the dubble wont make much of a diffrence in stack size/blinds)
if you can hold out and give yourself a chance do so.
If big stack or medium then dont play with maginall hands, only play hands you are willing go all in with.
Follow up pre flop raises with a c-bet
add pressure

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